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Ultra-Low Freezers Designed to Keep Heat Out

May 7, 2022

Latest company news about Ultra-Low Freezers Designed to Keep Heat Out

Clinical laboratories rely on cold storage equipment to store patient specimens for extended periods of time. Dependable ultra-low freezers are essential for safeguarding their integrity. Therefore, quality and performance should be key characteristics at the foundation of how an ultra-low freezer is designed.


Protecting samples from unnecessary exposure to warmer temperatures is critical to ultra-low freezer performance. When developing Ultra-Low Freezers, Mether Biomedical recognized the importance of keeping heat out. The Heat Barrier System™ was developed to provide multiple levels of heat containment.


The Heat Barrier System™ combines specially designed components that work together to prevent the intrusion of warmer air and moisture. These design elements include the outer door, the door frame and cabinet, and the inner doors.


3 invividual inner doors can be opend independently to minimize frost buildup inside the cahmerber.Unique door seal design for minimum loss of cold temperature during a door opening.Stainless Steel inner handle to ensure the door open conveniently even in the case of frost .

Excellent Doors steals 5 gasket seal,4 steals for out door,1 seal for inner door which provides maximum protection against thermal intrusion.


Are they well insulated?

Are they structurally rigid to prevent sagging?

Do they utilize gaskets to seal the space around the inner doors?

The ultra-low freezers features structurally reinforced, insulated inner doors that provide tight closure, minimizing change in compartment temperature during routine door openings.

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